Ixdream featuring FoXee : Time After Time Remix 2020

foXee – Martina Augl

This is the shimmering glamour of the 80ies melding with the electronic gloss of  modern beats of our capital city – crowned by the artist´s delicate vocals and glamorous show playing within pulsating electrocross.

Dance Remix „Time After Time“
There was nothing more obvious to the top producers Ixdream and Doug Laurent than choosing Martina Augl aka “foXee” as a Lead-Singer for the worldwide popular hit by Cindy Lauper. Not only that foXee’s hair color brings the right look, but also her voice is a captivating sound equivalent for a powerful and convincing Dance-Remix in a modern musical shape.

Artist Background:

Martina Augl, born and raised in St. Valentin (Lower Austria) and currently living in Cologne, loved singing from the very earliest age. Later she was engaged in different Jazz Ensembles as well as various Pop, Rock and Soul Bands, what didn´t stop her from running a successful business career.